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SpeedBase Database Management Software is developed after intensive examination of the rising need for Information Management on small business areas as well as individuals.

My name is Cagatay Gurses, the developer of SpeedBase and owner of the business with more than 25 years of programming experience, including 12 years of developing commercial software.
My location changes depending on the time of the year but my base location is Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The idea behind SpeedBase is to create a sharp, simple but also effective solution for small business owners, which need an affordable software without hassle and prefer to focus more on "getting the job done" instead of bloated features.

Major goals are:
- Creating software with intelligent features and high stability to satisfy the actual needs of the users while keeping the interface still clean and easy to understand.
- Providing fast, effective and fair customer service.
- Applying philosophical approaches to software development as well as business flow.

Please feel free to share any ideas, comments or suggestions you may have thru feedback page. Any feedback is appreciated. Check reseller page for building business relationships / partnership.

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