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Baby Got Back

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Soon you will be wearing those sassy off the shoulder tops, and your bronzed skin will be bare for the world to see. Is your skin glowing or are there some little embarrassments that you won’t want to share? Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar For Face and Body will put a STOP to that nasty “bacne”.

This medicated bar targets those unsightly breakouts with a combination of acne-fighting salicylic acid and other exfoliating and blemish-controlling agents. It’s so convenient, just use in your daily shower and in no time at all, your skin will look and feel smooth, clean and clear.

Don’t cover up – enjoy your summer skin.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman and Holt Renfrew


Say NO to Acne

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

ACNE is the four letter word that makes most people cringe. I am sadly one of those unlucky people that have adult acne; mine is caused by overactive hormones and I really hate it. I am working hard to battle it and with the help of my Esthetician, Doctor and Dermalogica, I hope to win that battle soon.

“Blemishes start when sebaceous glands, which are attached to the skin’s hair follicle canal, produce too much oil. When there is excess oil production – combined with ‘sticky’ dead skin cells lining the hair follicle canal that fail to flake – the pore becomes clogged. These conditions multiply, causing inflammation,” explains David Orentreich, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist.

Good daily skin care is so important for acne prone skin and will help remove excess oil, keep pores clear, and speed the healing of breakouts.


People with blackheads and other non-inflammatory blemishes may indeed find regular facials help to reduce the amount of breakouts they experience. During a facial treatment, estheticians perform extractions by manually removing pore blockages, or comedones. By extracting these impactions, the pores are cleared of excess oil and cellular debris. Blemishes are less likely to form, improving some cases of non-inflammatory acne.

David Orentreich
strongly recommends that you do not take matters into your own hands – that means NO squeezing or PICKING (though so tempting). He says that squeezing traumatizes and often breaks the stretched pore under the surface. The pore contains oils and bacteria and when squeezed will set off a spot.


Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit

The perfect introduction to the Acne Solutions Clear Skin System. Three simple steps that work together to treat acne—and help prevent future breakouts.
Step 1: Cleansing Foam
Step 2: Clarifying Lotion
Step 3: Clearing Moisturizer

Kit includes a 1.7 oz Cleansing Foam, 3.4 oz Clarifying Lotion, and a 1 oz Clearing Moisturizer.

Available at Sears and The Bay

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Line with Microclear


This line contains a new technology called MicroClear, which is clinically proven to boost delivery of acne medicine to unclog congested pores and speed treatment deep to the source. Each product is formulated with skin-soothers, including green tea and cucumber, to actively reduce redness and irritation.

Products in the line: 3 in 1 Hydrating Acne Treatment, Power-Foam Wash, Power-Clear Scrub.

Available at CVS Pharmacy and Shoppers Drugmart

Clean and Clear ADVANTAGE Acne Control Kit

Advantage Acne Kit

This convenient kit includes 3 Acne Controlling products that contain bacteria-fighting ingredients, penetrating pores and fighting breakouts long after you’ve washed your face.

Kit includes: Acne Control Cleanser 4 oz, Acne Control Moisturizer 2 oz, Spot Treatment .5 oz.

Clean and Clear
Available at CVS Pharmacy and Shoppers Drugmart

Murad Acne Complex Starter Kit

Sized for travel, this comprehensive collection of blemish-blasters is equipped with four target-specific products, which work synergistically to heal acne and decrease oil production.

Kit includes: Clarifying Cleanser 2 oz, Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel 1 oz, Acne Spot Treatment .25 oz, Skin Perfecting Lotion 1 oz.

Available at Sephora and Chatters

Philosophy Acne Kit

Philosophy offers a four-step approach to treating acne that is benzoyl peroxide free.
Step 1 – Suppress excessive oil production
Step 2 – Shed the pore wall (exfoliate)
Step 3 – Help sanitize the skin to protect against bacteria
Step 4 – Seal the skin to help keep the good treatments in and the bad elements out

Kit includes: On A Clear Day Super Wash For Oily Skin 3.3 oz, On A Clear Day Blemish Serum for Adult Acne 1 oz, On A Clear Day Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 1 oz, On A Clear Day Protection Cream 1 oz.

Available at Sephora and Blossom Lounge

Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit

Each product, with its unique acne-fighting and clearing ingredients, is designed to be layered upon the skin to provide around-the-clock, maximum control of the four main factors that contribute to acne: overactive sebaceous glands (the production of too much oil), dead skin cell accumulation, bacteria and inflammation.

Kit includes: Clearing Skin Wash 1.7 oz, Clearing Mattifier 0.5 oz, Overnight Clearing Gel 0.5 oz, Concealing Spot Treatment 0.1 oz, Sebum Clearing Masque 0.75 oz and a Oil Control Lotion (sample).

Available at Spas throughout North America

If you find that nothing is helping clear up your acne, visit your doctor or dermatologist.

DermStore Presents Sonya Dakar

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Celebrity skin care line, Sonya Dakar, has been building a cult following among Hollywood elite for over 30 years. With over 70 plant-based products, Sonya Dakar offers a comprehensive product line that can be customized to address anyone’s skin concerns.

Dakar’s world renowned products include:

UltraLuxe-9 Age Control Complex
This truly remarkable complex works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, expression lines and deep wrinkles, resulting in a younger and healthier looking complexion.

Mud Lavender Wash
A detergent-free, balancing cleanser that is ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types. Dead sea mud cleanses the skin while removing excess oil without dehydrating the complexion. Lavender extract calms redness and irritation as it kills blemish-causing bacteria.

Omega-3 Repair Complex
Containing natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, this gentle formula will nourish and repair the skin from the inside out, and is ideal for scarring, rosacea and eczema.

Drying Potion
This product heals blemishes both above and below the skin’s surface with ingredients such as calming lavender and chamomile extracts, disinfectant sage oil and stimulating peppermint oil for faster healing.

Sonya Dakar is now available exclusively online at and

Brush Away Dirt and Oil

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Over the summer you may find that your skin is breaking out a little more than usual. This could be due to the application of sunscreens, self tanners and other topical products that are clogging your pores. The only way to combat this challenge is to ensure that your skin is receiving a deep cleanse daily.

Dr. Ranella Hirsch, a leading Dermatologist states that “Dirt, oil and bacteria left on the skin can wreak havoc and without clean pores, treatment products like acne fighters and anti-aging moisturizers are less effective.”

I recently came across the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush, from the inventor of Sonicare toothbrushes. Like a very large toothbrush, the head oscillates back and forth to gently loosen dirt and oil. It is so easy to use – just wet your face and apply your favourite cleanser, turn on the Clarisonic, wet and it does all the work. The Clarisonic is programmed for a 1 minute session that beeps and pauses momentarily to indicate that it is time to move to another part of your face. Two brush heads are provided in the kit – one for a more sensitive skin and one for normal and there is also a Clarisonic cleanser that you can use if you like.

Clarisonic is clinically show to be twice as effective at cleaning your skin than regular manual cleansing. I found that within days of using it, my pores were definitely visibly clearer, especially around my nose and my blemishes began to disappear. I really like that this hand-held device is completely waterproof and can venture into the shower with me. It makes life pretty easy.

Available at Nordstrom, Sephora, and online

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