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2008 Holiday Gifts: Fragrance For Him

Friday, December 19th, 2008

gifs pf fragrance for him

    Why not treat your honey to a new fragrance for the New Year? This Holiday is chock-a-block with sniffalicious fragrances. Outlined below are a few of the season’s best. (more…)

    The Men’s Room: Kiehl’s

    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

    Facial Fuel Energizing Face WashOur staff writer Faisal shares his thoughts on the best men’s grooming products on the market…

    Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, a year in which a lot of events occurred including the founding of the New York Times and the death of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. I think Frankenstein’s monster would have been the perfect model for beauty products. He would’ve wanted that dead skin (actual dead skin) scrubbed away and relief would have been welcome for those stitches. For the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of trying the Kiehl’s Men’s line and I have to say that I liked it. It looked good and it felt good – all with five easy steps.

    “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub
    Hit the showers and start off your Kiehl’s routine by applying this body scrub. The bran and oatmeal bar sloughs off dead surface cells while acting as a pumice stone to get those tough areas like heels and elbows. Don’t use it on the face though. That’s the next product.

    Facial Fuel Energizer Face Wash
    Now you can wash your face either in the shower or at the sink with this caffeine, menthol and vitamin E infused skin refresher. It removes dirt while preventing over-drying and tightening. This product takes dull looking skin and brightens it up and preps you for shaving.


    The Men’s Room: Anti-Age Expertise

    Monday, May 5th, 2008

    In May 2008, Lancôme launched its men’s skincare line: Lancôme Men. I had the pleasure of testing the following products:

    • The Ultimate Cleansing Gel
    • The High Definition Shave Foam
    • The Renergy 3D Firming Cream
    • The Age Fight Yeux Perfecting Gel

    In clinical studies conducted with 365 men of varying age, Lancôme produced some telling conclusions about men, and the way their skin performs in relation to women’s. Men’s skin is physically different from women’s: oilier, thicker, and warmer because it contains more blood vessels. Just consider the fact that us guys shave off our surface oils every morning, which causes micro-inflammation and a dehydration. Women don’t do that – or do they?

    So guys, please think twice before you use your spouse’s face cream. Lancôme knows what the male skin requires and that is probably not her face products.

    Whilst staying in Montreal at the funky Opus Hotel, I was able to get intimate with the Lancôme Men’s skincare line. These are my stories. (Imagine the “doink doink” sound from the Law and Order Series)

    Renergy 3D
    When I opened up the jet black container and looked inside for the first time, I was impressed. The white cream was glossy and smelt very pleasant. After shaving, I applied this product and felt a difference right away. My skin felt hydrated and soft.

    There is an invisible network of micro-particles that are tightening to give the effect of 25,000 micro-lifts and that’s just one of the dimensions of the “3D”. The other two dimensions are firming and erasing wrinkles which are both desirable.

    Age Fight Yeux
    Skin around the eyes is different than the rest of your face and requires special care. I have never used an eye product and was unsure if I really wanted to. After applying Age Fight Yeux, the ultra-light fluid disappeared immediately into my skin and didn’t leave an unattractive, makeup-like sheen. By wearing it inconjuction with the Renergy 3D, I created an impenetrable moisturizing barrier, perfect for blocking the Montreal winds.

    High Definition Shave Foam
    Simple is good, and this is a simply good product. The rich foam softened and prepared my beard for shaving, and I found the woody citrus scent appealing – and so did my wife! It is masculine, fresh, and discrete.

    Ultimate Cleansing Gel
    Every morning and evening for the past month, I have religiously used the Ultimate Cleansing Gel, and have noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin. The non-drying gel helps prevents blemishes and rinses-off easily so not to dry out my skin. I am left with clean, clear skin.

    I continue to enjoy these products and know that all of my facial needs are being met, to protect, maintain and enhance all of the assets around my smile.

    Available at Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew

    - Faisal Mirza

    The Men’s Room: Vichy Homme

    Monday, March 24th, 2008

    1998 saw the launch of Basic Homme by Vichy, designed specifically for men. In 2001, the brand was redesigned and re-released as Vichy Homme, and then in 2007, Vichy upgraded the entire men’s skincare collection, to respond to their further research into men’s skin requirements.

    Over the past few weeks I have been using a couple of products from the Vichy Homme line. Here are my thoughts on the Shaving Gel, Cleansing Gel and the Hydrating Care cream.

    Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam
    For me, shaving gels fall into two groups:

    1. Those that come out in a squiggly continuous string, which then once applied to the skin,”foam up”. I never know how much product I really have until I start rubbing that clump of gel into my face.

    2. Foams that expand up to 5 times in volume upon release from the container. I always find that you have too much.

    The Vichy Homme Shaving Foam comes out in a manageable one-inch ribbon that gives a smooth shave with just a little squirt.

    Purifying Cleansing Gel
    This product is soap-free, non-drying and contains salicylic acid for cleaning away imperfections. At first it felt as if I was just rubbing hair gel into my face-where was the soapy foam that makes it feel like it’s really working? Well, after washing it off, I found my face was really clean and felt refreshed.

    I tend to get pimples from going overboard on sweets and soft drinks; this cleansing gel has helped to minimise my breakouts-without stopping my bad habits!

    Hydra Mag C Fortifying 24 Hr Hydrating Care
    Do you have dull and tired looking skin? I think this product will help. After applying a small amount to my skin, it looked as though there was a luminescence quality. Now it’s not sparkly, because that would be just wrong, but it just brightens up my skin. In addition, it keeps my skin hydrated in the cold and dry weather, which is great. I think that if I was hung over from a night of partying, this product, along with a pair of sunglasses, would make people none the wiser.

    The branding consists of sleek black and red packaging. I understand that the colours are meant to represent Science and Fertility, Performance and Elegance and Rigour and Modernity. Hmm. I think the packaging looks masculine, and that’s all that matters to me.

    Overall, I was glad to test-drive these three products from the Vichy Homme collection. They were all easy to use and did a great job. I will be buying them again once my current containers are empty.

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