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5 Ways To Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

5 ways to relieve your PMS symptoms

By Karen Kwan

Hold up, PMS doesn’t exist? That’s what researchers say in a study published in the journal Gender Medicine. They reviewed 47 studies and found that there was little evidence with regards to mood swings and crankiness being linked to PMS. As for the physical symptoms, such as cramping and bloating, well, those symptoms aren’t being dismissed. So to help you make it through that time of the month more comfortably, we looked into a few ways to ease your PMS discomfort. (more…)

Fact or Fiction: The Common Cold

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Fact or Fiction: The Common Cold

By Karen Kwan

Hot chocolate. Cozy cashmere sweaters. Wood-burning fires. Just a few of the things we love about chilly weather. What we’re not so fond of? The sniffles, sneezing and congestion we always come down with each winter (if we’re lucky, just once). While you should definitely do what you can to prevent getting a cold this season (washing our hands often and exercising, and eating well to maintain a healthy immune system), read on to learn what’s true when it comes to this virus. (more…)

Think Pink: 7 Healthy Ways to Shop Pink

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

By Karen Kwan

This month, don’t go shopping, go shop-pink (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Even if the rosy hue is simply not what you’d choose to wear to school or the office, there are still plenty of ways you can think pink this October when it comes to shopping for your health and wellness while helping to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research for organizations such as Rethink Breast Cancer and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. (more…)

Hair Loss: What’s Normal, And What’s Not, And What You Can Do About It

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Hair loss: What's Normal And What's Not

By Karen Kwan

Does that blanket of hair you seem to find on your bathroom floor on a daily basis or the clump of it clogging your tub drain make you fret that you’re losing too much hair? I think hair loss is one of the things I hear more friends worry about than anything else, so I checked in with a hair scientist to get some answers as to when we should be concerned and what we can do to help with hair loss. (more…)

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