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The Wedding Dress Workout

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

wedding photo

Nine years ago today, I married the Hubster.

On April 24, 2004 I was slipping into my wedding dress and dreaming about saying “I do” to my honey-bunny. Thankfully, the previous four weeks were a distant memory. Why, what happened? Approx four weeks before my big day, I tried on my dress only to find that it did not fit. This has to be a bride’s worst nightmare. Needless to say, I pretty much starved myself for the next couple of weeks and worked out every day.

Every bride-to-be wants to look her very best on her wedding day, and it’s probably a much better idea to be proactive, rather than have a last minute freakout like I did. Personal trainer and certified nutritionist, Franci Cohen shares with us the best workouts to do depending on your wedding dress style. (more…)

Dos and Don’ts for your New Year’s Day Hangover

Monday, December 31st, 2012

By Karen Kwan

With just a few hours until that New Year’s Eve bash, a night in which you may be consuming more than usual, let’s be a little proactive here. Download that taxi-hailing app, and pick up some supplies and learn some strategies that’ll ease the potential hangover you’ll have on the 1st. Here’s what’ll help you feel better and what won’t. (more…)

5 Strategies for a Joyful Holiday Season

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

By Karen Kwan

Christmas is often made out to be such warm, happy times with family, but the truth is it can be a really stressful, frustrating season. Loads of time with family can stir up lots of emotions and it can all come to a head when you’re all staying in the same house for an extended period. But you can make this time of year more enjoyable by trying some of these strategies to help keep the peace. (more…)

4 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

By Karen Kwan

Temptation is all around during the holiday season: shortbread cookies, eggnog, cheese platters, and more. And this makes sticking to your healthy diet tougher than usual. Of course, having one buttery canape won’t kill your diet (it’s all about balance, right?) but you know how it goes: with it in front of you, you may devour the whole plate of them! Or pick at the spread of food while sipping cocktails all night, when you weren’t even hungry to begin with.

So to help you survive the party circuit without making those leather leggings way too tight come 2013, some strategies of my own and of some health experts. (more…)

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