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Backstage Beauty: Richard Chai Love Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Richard Chai Love Spring 2012 Runway Show

The hair look: In working with Richard Chai, Tippi Shorter, Avon’s Global Stylist says: “The look very much reflects Richard’s inspiration for his collection with a loose, light and disheveled look on top and then straight and smooth on the bottom. It’s really ‘day two hair.’ The best way to get this look is by not having freshly washed hair, but hair that’s a little lived in, that’s straight or wavy hair, but the look doesn’t lend itself to curly hair.”

Backstage Beauty: Anomal Couture S/S 12 at Montreal Fashion Week

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Anomal Couture S/S 12 at Montreal Fashion Week

By Karen Kwan

The hair look: Into Japanese manga? Then you’ll love the look at Anomal Couture. The unique hairstyle Denis Binet, Pantene Consulting Stylist and Creative Director for MFW, created was made with the help of styrofoam balls. After pulling hair into a high ponytail, he insert a styrofoam ball hiding it within the hair, and securing it into place with an elastic before adding another ball, and finishing the look by pinning the end of the ponytail into place.

How to get the makeup look: (more…)

Backstage Beauty: Samuel Dong S/S 12 at Montreal Fashion Week

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Samual Dong at Montreal Fashion Week

By Karen Kwan

The look: With dramatic, almost royal-looking pieces in rich textures in the Samuel Dong collection, the makeup was given a Kabuki-esque twist, with prominent blush and bright red lips.

Not to mention bright pink eye makeup. If you want something this neon, you’ll have to pick up some children’s face paint. You could try to mimic the look using lipstick with some eyeshadow applied overtop to keep it from sliding all over the place, says Amelie Ducharme, COVERGIRL Makeup Pro (but be aware that a lipstick may prove irritating in the eye area depending on what brand you use). Use an eyeliner brush with synthetic bristles (“they’re stiffer bristles so you can control the weight of the cream better,” says Amelie).

How to get the look: (more…)

Backstage Beauty: Dinh Ba S/S 12 at Montreal Fashion Week

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Dinh Ba S/S 12 at Montreal Fashion Week

By Karen Kwan

The look: In a departure from the more bare, natural looks of the night, the makeup at Dinh Ba was strong and dramatic, with the focus on the eyes. Brows were “hidden” (Amelie Ducharme, COVERGIRL Makeup Pro and Creative Director for makeup at Montreal Fashion Week, applied Simply Ageless Foundation to do so). And on the lids, some models sported greens and olives while others wore plum.

How to create the look: (more…)

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