Pretty Peepers

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get eyes that pop? We’ve got your answer. Besides employing the best makeup artists – no, we can’t afford them either – we like to think that they’re using the same mascara we are. Lancome‘s new Definicils Precious Cells High Definition Amplyfying Mascara ($34 / US 29)  is a mouthful, […]

Easy Stepper

We’re huge fans of anything that lets us run out the door looking fabulously flawless, especially if it takes mere minutes to apply. Stila‘s One Step ( $57 / US $44) is an all-in-one mineral based primer, foundation, concealer and powder.

Passport to Gorgeous

Is it hot in here, or is it just us? Maybe it has something to do with The Body Shop’s new sizzling summer makeup collection boasting gorgeous shades of molten gold, bronze and coral. Inspired by the earth’s natural colours, the Nomadic Goddess Makeup Collection offers an exotic array of shimmering hues. Enriched with moisturizing […]

Summer POP!

We love the changing seasons: blooming flowers, falling leaves, the first snow and new makeup collections! And we’re super excited about the new Les Pop-Up de Chanel for summer, especially the new limited edition nail polish in Riviera ($27/US $23) which we’ve been flashing on our hands and feet ever since we picked up a […], Inc.