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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Smashbox Cosmetics
Known for A-list clientele, Smashbox has brought its beauty trailer to TIFF offering samples to consumers on the streets of Yorkville. Meanwhile, Quadrant Cosmetics national trainer Shawn Hlowatzki has been hopping all over T.O. to pretty up the stars (including Canuck actress Kristin Booth).

It’s easy to go glam for your red carpet moment with Smashbox must-haves and new options from their Wicked Lovely collection:


Monday, March 31st, 2008

When the MAC Fafi Collection was first launched I was not sure what or who a Fafi was! I now know better. Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi’s strong presence in the graffiti and fine arts scene was first witnessed on her hometown walls in 1994. She drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of ‘Fafinettes’ in her brushes and paint cans.

MAC worked exclusively with the Paris-based artist to create three distinct ‘Fafinette’ characters: Monoka, Ermine, and Eriko that embody the signature depictions of sexy, liberated girls that have earned Fafi a devout following in the street art world. When Jennifer Balbier, SVP Product Development for MAC Worldwide, was asked what the ultimate Fafinette face was, she responded: “The look is toned-down skin with heavier emphasis on eyes and a girly mouth. She’s colourful, but the texture is light.”

The Fafi collection is a hip spring colour collection filled with bold, empowering hues, unapologetically girly lip shades of pearly pinks and tangerine reds, iridescent powder, brown, blue and green Paint Pots and Quads, and whimsical cosmetic accessories.

Here is the collection:

Sassed-up: Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
Verve-acaious: Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
Belightful: Gilded peach bronze

Hipness: Intense coral with soft white pearl
Fashion Frenzy: Mid-tone blue pink

Fafi Eyes 1
Howzat: Deep grey with silver sparkle (satin)
Hey: Neutral tan with white pearl (veluxe pearl)
Pink Venus: Washed pink (lustre)
Vanilla: Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (velvet)

Fafi Eyes 2
Bold as Gold: Yellow gold with gold pearl (lustre)
You’re Fresh: Pale green with silver sparkle (lustre)
Shockwave: Intense orange with silver sparkle (velvet)
Prankster: Muted dark blue (satin)

Nice Vice: Dirty purple with purple pearl (frost)
Girl Friendly: Creamy grey pink (cream)
Layin’ Low: Creamy beige (cream)
Cash Flow: Green gold with gold pearl (frost)
Perky: Cream coral with white pearl (satin)
Rollickin’: Aqua blue green with white pearl (frost)

Blacktrack: Solid flat black

Smolder: Intense black
Fascinating: Snake-eyes matte white


Zoomblack: Rich black

Fun ‘n’ Sexy: Blue pink with blue pearl (glaze)
Not So Innocent: Sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (glaze)
Utterly Frivolous: Rosy coral with pink pearl (lustre)
High Top: Grey purple with blue pearl (glaze)
Flash-n-Dash: Intense tangerine red with pink pearl (glaze)
Strawbaby: Coral rose with rainbow pearl (lustre)

Cult Fave: Blue mid-tone pink with white pearl (frost)
Sugar Trance: Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (frost)
Squeeze It: Brassy plum (frost)
Totally It: Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (frost)

Girls Will Be Girls: Pink with coral pearl
Boom!: Rich eggplant with purple pearl

210 Precise Eye Liner Firm, extra-fine tip brush for precision lining with emollient or water-based products. Replacement to old M·A·C 210 Eye Liner Brush.

129SH Powder/Blush (with decorated pouch) Soft natural fluffed dome Brush for application of powder products on cheeks and face. In a special decorated Fafi-themed pouch.

208 Angled Brow Brush Firm, angled tip Brush for precision application of brow and eye-lining product.

182 Buffer Brush Ultra-soft, large, rounded dome tip Brush for use with powder face and cheek product.

K-Palette Liquid Liner

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

I really like the look of liquid eyeliner but I am so challenged when it comes to applying it. Well, I have found one that makes me seem like a makeup artist! K-Palette’s Real Lasting 24 Hour Eyeliner has a patented micro-fibre brush with the finest tip, allowing me to have complete control, and precise crisp lines.

The packaging may not look flashy but this eyeliner is designed to stay smudge-proof and tear-resistant throughout busy days and nights, and it does. After applying my liquid liner, I waited a couple of seconds then ran my fingers over my lids to try and smudge it. Nothing. Then I went to the sink, ran some water and splashed my face. I blinked several times and…nothing. When I did eventually want to take it off, I used my Kiehl’s eye makeup remover, and off it came.

If you have not seen this brand before, that is because it is from Japan and has recently made the trip to North America. I predict that it will be a best seller in North America.

Available at

Vincent Longo C_scope

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Vincent Longo’s Spring 2008 Collection C_Scope is influenced by colour and how it effects the human senses – influencing, stimulating, exciting our deepest impulses:

Black embodies totality and is synonymous with sophistication
Red arouses and stirs passion
White signals purity and represents newness
Yellow is daring, energetic and expressive
Blue embodies freshness and vitality
Green is lively and symbolizes nature
Brown is tied to security and exudes harmony

C_Scope brings a minimalist beauty ideal to life with 3 striking, simple new products:

A no clump, waterproof formula that comes in stand out electric colors and new see through packaging, revealing vivid color at a glance.

Nero (black), Rosso (red), Bianco (white), Giallo (yellow), Blu (blue), Verde (green), Moro (Brown)

An easy to apply waterproof liquid liner, available in adventurous, daring colours.

Nerino (black), Rossino (red), Bianchino (white), Giallino (yellow), Bluetto (blue), Verdino (green), Moreno (Brown)

Designed to complement the vibrant eye, new Lip Vinyl gives lips a more substantial sheen with added reflective fullness.

Asti (natural brown), Piuma (transparent), Fellini Red (cool red), Julietta (cool pink), Mina (peachy pink), Loredana (neutral pink).

will be available February 2008.
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