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Oil Can Do More Than Condition Your Hair: Garnier OLIA Hair Colour

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

OLIA by Garnier

Every four to five weeks, I peer into the mirror and sigh. Grey hairs. And I’m not talking one or two but an explosion of grey waving at me in a heinous fashion. Sigh.

I’m 42 (and ¾) and I’ve been colouring my hair for almost (cough) 30 years. Wow. At the beginning, it was to drive my mother crazy: pink, white, black…but now it’s to cover up the grey and brighten my dull locks too.

Any woman who professionally colours her hair in a salon knows that it is very expensive. Last time I went, it cost $200! But what is a gal to do? She has to cough up the cash to look purdy.

While watching TV, a commercial for a new at-home hair colour came on—it was sexy and who calls a commercial for at-home hair colour sexy? The product was OLIA by Garnier, and costs less than $15. It piqued my interest. And then coincidently, I was contacted by Garnier to try it out. How could I say no?

OLIA is the first ammonia-free permanent at-home hair colour powered by oil. Enriched with four flower oils, the formula penetrates the hair fiber while maintaining its natural levels of lipids and amino acids. The result? Brilliant, dimensional colour and softer, shinier hair.

The first thing I noticed when applying this product was the scent. Instead of the usual ammonia stink, I was inhaling an appealing fruity and floral fragrance with notes that include lime, pear, jasmine and amber. Fancy, right?

Next, I enjoyed holding the tear-drop shaped bottle. It was comfortable and the slim nozzle was great for easy application and controlling exactly where I wanted the product to go. And the formula was thick and creamy—so no fear of it dripping all over me, or my bathroom. Nice.

After a comfortable 30 minutes (no burning scalp with this product), I washed the product off to reveal rich colour, and softer, smoother hair—and no grey! It was almost like I had been wearing a conditioning mask.

I’m now a sassy redhead and loving my hair. I will definitely be using OLIA again.

GarnierOlia_BloggersBeforeAfter_1 - Copy

Check out my before and after photos and let me know what you think of the colour I went with and how my hair looks.

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Garnier via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier.

Wanted: 50 Readers To Try Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Nice n Easy Color Blend Foam


Hello ladies! Yup, you guessed it, we’re looking for some of our lovely readers to try the AH-MAY-ZING Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam.

Do you colour your hair? And, how do you colour it? Our editor is a HUGE fan of this product, and it’s mainly due to these three benefits:

1. Easy prep and application: Effortlessly combine the colourant and developer with just three shakes and apply resulting foam from root to tip for complete coverage.

2. Delightful beauty experience: The drip-free so mess-free, intuitive formula eliminates many of the application burdens associated with at-home hair colour.

3. Tones and highlights in every shade: With the same great colour as Nice ‘n Easy liquid, Color Blend Foam enables you to get long-lasting tones and highlights in one simple step, with 100 per cent gray coverage (and it really does cover the gray!). Nice ‘n Easy’s formula ensures colour results look great on day one and also after six weeks of wear. LOVE IT!

We are looking for 50 Canadian* readers to give colouring their hair at home a whirl with Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam, and provide feedback. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, simply click here to complete a short qualification survey. Selected candidates will be notified via email about the next steps.

*excluding residents of Quebec

From Drab To Fab With Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘N Easy

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘N Easy


By Lesley Ellen Mirza

Yes, I colour my hair.

In fact, I’ve been colouring it for SO MANY YEARS that when recently asked what my natural hair colour was, I had to pause and really think about it. What is my natural hair colour?

Visiting the salon is a lovely experience, but if we are honest ladies, it’s expensive, and sucks away hours from your day. That’s why I colour my hair at home in between salon visits. What do I use? Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘N Easy 6R Ginger in a Snap (light auburn).

I don’t like anything too complicated, and I don’t have much free time on my hands these days. I need products that are simple and effective, which is why Perfect 10 is my go-to product for home hair colouring.

I love how easy it is to apply Perfect 10, due to it’s PerfectColor Comb (hair is coated from root to tip), and in only 10 minutes all of my pesky grey hairs are 100 per cent covered with rich, salon-inspired colour. And it’s permanent colour crème formula, with unique AminoGlycine technology leaves my hair really soft and glossy for up to six weeks (yes, six weeks, people!), all for approx $16.

Is your hair colour looking a little drab? Not to worry, the lovely peeps at Clairol Canada have a super-exciting opportunity coming your way, and soon. All I can say is, you really need to visit the Clairol Facebook page and “Like” it ASAP. GO NOW. Seriously. And, make sure you come back here first thing on the 22nd to get the scoop. It will be SO worth your while. Would I lie to you?

For additional information on Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘N Easy please visit

Who knew box colour could look so good?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


By Lesley Ellen Mirza

Does anyone know what my real hair colour is?

In fact, do I even remember what it is?!

I’ve been colouring my hair since the year dot. At first, it was out of sheer boredom and wanting to spice up my look. Now, it’s pretty much out of necessity; to cover those pesky grey hairs that scream out to everyone “hey, she’s gettin’ old folks!”

Every four to five weeks, like clockwork, I can be found sitting in a salon chair, reading the latest fashion mag and having blobs of colour applied oh-so-expertly to my roots and then ends. I’m there for quite some time. I have a nice cuppa tea. Chat a bit. And then fork over wads of cash.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my salon, and the folks there are super nice and they do a great job. However, I’d love to spend that money on something else, but still on me! (more…)

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