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Vincent Longo C_scope

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Vincent Longo’s Spring 2008 Collection C_Scope is influenced by colour and how it effects the human senses – influencing, stimulating, exciting our deepest impulses:

Black embodies totality and is synonymous with sophistication
Red arouses and stirs passion
White signals purity and represents newness
Yellow is daring, energetic and expressive
Blue embodies freshness and vitality
Green is lively and symbolizes nature
Brown is tied to security and exudes harmony

C_Scope brings a minimalist beauty ideal to life with 3 striking, simple new products:

A no clump, waterproof formula that comes in stand out electric colors and new see through packaging, revealing vivid color at a glance.

Nero (black), Rosso (red), Bianco (white), Giallo (yellow), Blu (blue), Verde (green), Moro (Brown)

An easy to apply waterproof liquid liner, available in adventurous, daring colours.

Nerino (black), Rossino (red), Bianchino (white), Giallino (yellow), Bluetto (blue), Verdino (green), Moreno (Brown)

Designed to complement the vibrant eye, new Lip Vinyl gives lips a more substantial sheen with added reflective fullness.

Asti (natural brown), Piuma (transparent), Fellini Red (cool red), Julietta (cool pink), Mina (peachy pink), Loredana (neutral pink).

will be available February 2008.

RSVP Wanderlust

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

She glimmers in the daytime, shimmers in the nighttime, and dazzles all the other times in between.

Vincent Longo envisioned a vivacious and fun globe trotting gal when developing RSVP Wanderlust. “You see her in New York and Roma, Buenos Aires, Rio, London…” says Longo.

The collection is based around this season’s hot colours – silver, purple and gold, and is all about glitter and shimmer.

Diamante Quad Eye ShadowsCassini and Roja
Trio Eye Shadow – Sugar Frost
Eye Shimmer Souffles – Ultraviolet, Palladio and Argento
Duo Eye Pencil – Mystic-Sabine and Garnet Urban Nights
Water Canvas Highlighter – Mermaid Muse

These items are perfect for putting together a stunning Holiday Look. There aren’t any lip products in the collection, so I would recommend Baby Balm Lipstick SPF12 in Positano or Catalina Rose to finish off your look.

Go to the website and check out the three looks Vincent Longo has created using RSVP Wanderlust., Inc.

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