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Sweet Inspired Wedding Favours

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

You’re planning your wedding and are at that point of choosing a little gift for each of your special guests.

Chocolates – too common
Frames – ok but a little boring
CDs – maybe

What about something they will actually use and enjoy? Well, Open Sundaes will create a customized reception favour for you, that is sure to be memorable.

They will match the colour theme of your wedding and infuse the chosen favour with the couple’s favourite scent. The favour is then beautifully gift wrapped and a customized name tag is attached.

Choose from handmade Cupcake Bubble Bath Bombs, Soak and Melt Bath Desserts, Bon Bon Bath Melts and Candles – all are safe for kids and appeal to all ages.

Sounds like a delicious, fat free treat to me!

For more information and to order:

Bath and Body Dessert

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Open Sundaes have fun, girlie bath and body products that will look great in your bathroom and feel great on your skin. Here are some of there newer products that caught my eye recently.

Every Day All Over Wash
Available in eight deliciously scented flavors and will leave every bit of your squeaky clean, conditioned, and deliciously scented. Comes in 8 delicious scents such as Peppermint Splash, Raspberry Sorbet and Citrus Cherry.

Every Day All Over Lotion
Makes daily moisturizing a decadent pleasure. Simply massage this lotion into your skin to smooth, condition and revitalize. Comes in 6 scents such as Cotton Candy, Lemon Meringue and Marshmallow Coconut.

Sugar Shimmer Body Glow
Instantly hydrates and cools your skin while leaving a delicious dessert scent and a radiant shimmering glow.

For more information or to purchase online visit

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Tasty Treats

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

It’s February 1st and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For those of you that have a special someone in your life I have a couple of sassy tasty goodies:

Open Sundaes Kissable Body Syrup
This edible water-based massage oil combines rich emollients for silky soft skin and ice cream flavours to tempt and tantalize.
Comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.
$13.00 CAD at

Cake Dessert’s On Me XO Whipped Body Spread
This kissable whipped body spread smells like chocolate raspberry cake – yummy! Dessert’s On Me XO is as yummy to your lips as it is to your skin and contains pure coconut oil, pure sweet almond oil and cocoa butter to keep your skin soft, supple and fabulously moisturized.
$24.00 CAD $24.00 USD at

Smell This Body Butter
Indulge in a decadent moisturizing body butter. Massage on and lick off!
Cocoa butter, hemp seed oil and vitamin E give your body a nourishing snack while your taste buds
Comes in delicious chocolate mousse, bananalicious and spicy ignite (like cinnamon hearts)
$14.95 CAD at

Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Hot Topping
Hot Topping is silky, sensuous, and kissably luscious and melts into your body to smooth your skin and raise your pulse. It also smells delicious!
Slip (cherries softened by a touch of mixed berries)
Slide (caramel softened with steamed milk and vanilla bean)
$5.00 USD at

Kama Sutra Lover’s Paintbox, Edible Body Chocolate
Indulge two of your passions at once with this rich, chocolate body painting set. Brush dark, milk, or white chocolate onto the one you love and enjoy a feast for the senses. An artful way to show your love.
$28.00 USD at

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, this is the place to go and shop. Open Sundaes is a product mecca. “Sweet-Inspired Bath and Body Products”, you almost think you are in a 1950′s candy/cake store.

All pastel colours and sweet fragrances draw you into this store. I know that my mouth was wide open at the awe inspiring display of goodies!

Open Sundaes has two store fronts – 982 Denman Street and 3742 West 10th both in Vancouver, BC.

Now I can hear you crying “But I don’t live in Vancouver!” Well not to worry. Open Sundaes has a online store too and they are offering 10% off all sales until the end of the summer.

Here are a couple of items that I personally LOVE:

Soak ‘n Melt Bath Dessert
Enhanced with rich cocoa butter leaving your skin soft and sweet. You just want to take a bite out of them…but please don’t.
Available in unique flavors like Birthday Cake, Strawberry Mousse, Lemon Merengue and more.

Cupcake Bubblebath
This is a great gift for a girlfriend. Even a great gift for your bridesmaids.

Bath Candy
These bath salts are the ultimate in luxury and higher in minerals than ordinary salts. With three flavors to choose from these bath salts help to relieve aches and pains, prevent stiffness from exercise and relax the muscles. They are combined with pure essential oils for natural aromatherapy effects providing the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day!, Inc.

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