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Phenomenal Lashes

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

givenchy phenomeneyesIn the business of beauty it is essential to stand out. Brilliant masterminds spend countless hours developing innovative designs and perfecting unique formulas in the hopes of wooing customers. Over and over again there is one company that never ceases to amaze us – Givenchy. With a reinvention of the mascara wand, Givenchy has created a revolutionary spherical brush for Phenomen’Eyes, a mascara that has us batting our eyelashes with excitement. (more…)

A Foreign Affair

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Givenchy FragranceYou know how you feel about French scarves? That you’ll never be able to wear them (because you don’t know how to tie it, where to wear it, or how many knots it needs, ect.), but you always aspire to? That’s a little like how we feel about Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible.

The experts behind this successful French line have concocted a rich and bold bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, orange blossom, patchouli and amber that exudes sophistication—so much so, that we’re not sure we’re chic enough to pull it off. The glitter-adorned, sleek, and angled cherry red bottle amps up the glamour to another level. We’re thinking we’ll take baby steps, like a hint of it by the ankle and work our way up from there. As for the scarf? Maybe we’ll tie it to our purse.

Available at The Bay in Canada and Macy’s in the U.S., Inc.

Bloomingdale's, Inc.