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HAIR: Products For Coloured Hair

Friday, March 7th, 2008

No matter if you spend $200 at the salon on highlights or use a $10 box of home colourant – fading is still a reality and a nightmare.

Here are a selection of products designed to maintain and extend colour between treatments and to provide nourishment and vitamins to enhance natural and infused hair colour.

Redken Color Extend

Redken’s Interbond Conditioning System and 360 Protective Complex deliver UV filters, anti-oxidant vitamin E, conditioning silicone, ion blockers, and ceramide to help shield, stabilize and secure colour vibrancy. The shampoo gently cleanses and protects to leave hair manageable, refreshed and shiny, whilst the conditioner detangles and smoothes hair for a finish full of colour reflection.

DOVE Advanced Colour Therapy

Dove’s Advanced Colour Therapy Darkened Hair shampoo and conditioner protect the vibrant and silky feel of just-coloured darkened hair with a unique protecting serum and slows down the effects of hair becoming dull and fading.

Also available in a version for Highlighted Hair.

Ted Gibson Glimmering Gold

Ted Gibson’s Shimmer Gold shampoo and conditioner deposit temporary colour and intensive moisturizers to enhance gold and honey tones in light to medium blonde natural, and colour treated hair. Ingredients such as jojoba extract, silk protein and wild orchid extract work to protect hair from harmful environmental damage while leaving a vibrant shine.

Also available in Brazen Brown for brunettes and Captivating Copper for red heads.

Garnier Fructis Color Resist

The Color Resist formula contains Vitamins B3 and B6, Fructose, Glucose, and a UV filter to assist in protecting the the hair fiber, keeping it stronger, shinier and more resistant to the effects of repeated washing.

John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze

An easy-to-use product that enhances colour and shine in just three minutes. Just wash and condition your hair and then apply to extend the life and luminosity of your coloured hair.

Also available in Sheer Blonde, Brilliant Brunette, and Radiant Red.

Schwarzkopf Professional Seah Hairspa Shine Spritz

A leave-in treatment containing Cell-Cohesion-Complex to detoxify and regenerate, Cactus blossom extract to provide lustrous, brilliant colour and their Photonica formula with Shadeglow that prevents hair colour from fading.

L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Show Volume Mousse

This mousse protects colour with apricot oils and UV filters, whilst giving locks serious body, shine and hold.

I soften, I massage, I deeply cleanse

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Have you seen the Dove SkinVitalizer? It’s a light-weight facial tool that grips a Dove cleansing pad and cleans your face with gentle vibrations.

The cleansing pads easily affix to the massager – just add a little water and away you go! There are two sides to the pad – one is for exfoliating and the other for gentle cleansing. Because this tool is waterproof, you can use it in the shower or at the sink – whatever is convenient.

I liked the feel of the cleansing pad vibrating on my face and my skin did feel smoother, refreshed and clean. The tool was a little noisy when it vibrated which did not bother me but might bug some people.

I would prefer a rotating brush and using my own cleanser rather than the replaceable pads. I am not 100% sure how deep cleaning this tool is and I can see a brush really getting to the deep down dirt. I am also very nervous of using new cleansers on my skin, so would prefer to use my own fav product.

Purchasing replacement pads on an ongoing basis may become a little costly, but on the upside you won’t need to buy two separate skincare products as you get a cleanser and an exfoliator all in one.

You may have heard rumours that this item has being recalled – here are the facts from Dove:

“The Dove SkinVitalizer that was sold during January and February 2006 was recalled. The cleansing pillows on this device could loosen or dislodge during use and then the SkinVitalizer could cause minor scratches to the skin. This device had hooks which grabbed the pillow and attached it to the device. If you have the original SkinVitalizer, you should stop using the product and contact Unilever at (800) 761-3683. A new, redesigned Dove SkinVitalizer started selling in stores in January 2007.

What is the difference between the first SkinVitalizer and the new one on the market now? The first SkinVitalizer had mechanical hooks which grabbed the pillow and attached it to the device. The new and improved SkinVitalizer uses a soft velcro-like material to attach the pillows onto the device.

I would recommend you try this item. It is inexpensive and Dove is a quality brand that can be trusted. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this item. Let me know!

The SkinVitalizer starter packs comes with:
Facial Cleansing Massager
6 Dove Facial Cleansing Pillows (3.1″ x 2.2″ / 7.8cm x 5.5cm)
1 – AA Battery

Available from your local drugstore.
$11.99 USD $13.00 CAD

For more information on the Dove SkinVitalizer go to

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