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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

It is said that our eyes are the ‘windows to our soul’. If you believe that, and I do, then we want to make them stand out and look their best.

For me, mascara really brings out my eyes – I have short, light coloured, stumpy lashes and so I need the assistance of a great mascara to lengthen those puppies. Here are some mascaras that I have recently tried:
Brand: Avon
Product: Uplifting Mascara
Description: Revolutionary ‘flex-extend’ brush that bends to the perfect angle, allowing you to hold and lift lashes for dramatic results. Provides 75% more length and 100% more lift.
Colours: Black, Brown, Black/Brown and Navy
Price: $9.99CAD
Where to buy: Your Avon representative and online
Overall: Available in Canada October 2007. This brush really does bend! I was scared that I was going to snap it off – but no it’s still bending. Lashes look natural but have amazing length to them.
Would I buy? Yes most definitely. And with the price being so reasonable I can buy all the colours!
Brand: Besame Cosmetics
Product: Sculpture Lash
Description: A conditioning film for maximum curl, leaving lashes soft and supple, never stiff.· Silicone polymers to lengthen and thicken lashes for a full and natural look.· Pro-vitamin B5 and Keratin to moisturize the lashes.· Rosea Root Extract with anti-aging compounds to strengthen the lashes and hair shaft.· A fixing film that forms an ultra-luxurious water-resistant coating on lashes.
Colours: Plum, Black
Price: $26USD
Where to buy: Vancouver Holt Renfrew, Henri Bendel and online
Overall: I tried the black and it looked great on and felt good. I am not sure if it was me but I had smudges under my eye at the end of the day. I tried it a couple of days and same thing happened.
Would I buy? I’d try the plum and see if the same thing happens

Brand: Borghese
Product: Superiore
Description: Infused with a built-in, silk-powder foundation for superior wear, delicate lashes are coddled in natural conditioners while providing smudge-proof, flake-proof coverage. Enriched with Acqua di Vita ‘Living Water’ complex for stronger, more luxurious lashes. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.
Colours: Black, Brown
Price: $18USD
Where to buy: Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, The Shopping Channel and online
Overall: I tried the brown. Colour was natural and lashes looked full and long. Product lasted all day without flaking or smudging. Slight chemical smell to product. Would buy this mascara.
Would I buy? Yes, but it is currently only available in Canada on TSC so far.

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Product: BADgal Blue
Description:This deep-blue-violet mascara makes eyes whiter and brighter: blue appear more blue; brown eyes more golden; and hazel eyes more lush green.
Colours: Blue (also comes in black)
Price: $19USD/$25CAD
Where to buy: Sephora, The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Amazon and online
Overall: My lashes look full and long. The blue really brightens up my tired eyes.
Would I buy? I have both the blue and the black and love them. Yes.

Brand: Imju
Product: Fiberwig
Description: An instant drying formula creates a long lasting film coat around your natural lashes. Fiberwig imparts a perfect, smudge-proof maximum lash extension effect with a water-resistant formula that’s easy to remove with warm water, without risking damaging or losing your natural lashes. A jet-black fiber film coats the surface of each lash with long-lasting, clump-free, lash lengthening color that’s resistant to tears, sweat, and oil.
Colours: Black
Price: $22USD
Where to buy: Sephora
Overall: This mascara does not smudge nor clump as promised and it feels like I have nothing on my lashes. I did find that it lengthened as stated but I would love a little fatness too for my skinny lashes. I would highly recommend it for those that wear contact lenses as this product stays put. I have to admit the peeling of the mascara off my lashes was a bit messy in my personal opinion.
Would I buy? Yes but it does not seem to be available in Canada.
Do you agree or disagree with me? What are your experiences with these brands? I want to hear from you!
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