My Resolutions for 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It’s 2013. A new year. And, yes, I am making some New Year’s resolutions. But not too many as I’d like to actually keep them.

1. To Chill

Since the Hubster, pugs and I decided to move back to Vancouver, I have been a major stress ball. And this started in April of 2012.

My home office was dismantled at the beginning of May and I still don’t have it back! Yup. We had to stage our home, and a room with two desks, computers and a kagillion beauty products was supposedly not a selling feature. Really? For the first little while I was working out of a friend’s home (hugs to Jennifer!!), then I said “screw it” and brought my desktop back to the condo, but did not have the products or press materials. Now I am in Vancouver but in a temporary home. Sigh. And our furniture is STILL IN TORONTO. I am happy to say we should be getting it in the next while, once we find a new home here.

Well, enough complaining about the move, etc. The point is, I need to get back into a healthy routine: running, eating a balanced diet, going to bed at a reasonable hour, rather than stressing and going to sleep at 2am and getting up at 7am. Focusing on the good stuff is far better for you than constantly worrying.

2. To stop drinking lattes

I am ADDICTED to Starbucks lattes. Truly. (Starbucks is making a small fortune off of me!)

I always felt kinda blargh after one, but ignored it ’cause they taste soooo good. It was confirmed a month ago that my wussy tummy cannot tolerate lactose and casein – bummer. Sadly this means no lattes, ice cream, whipping cream, or butter. BOO HOO. Of course I had to give it the old college try again this morning and got myself a grande, extra-hot hazelnut latte from the lovely baristas at the Starbucks at Cornwall Avenue and Yew Street. Bad move. I’ll be paying the price. All. Day. Long.

Starbucks, it’s not you, it’s me. :(

3. To spend time with parents

One of the reasons for moving back to BC was to be close to the parental units. They’re rather cute and I’ve missed seeing them – other than the two short visits per year. Now, I can pop by whenever I want.

Perhaps they aren’t as excited as I am: they up and went to Florida for six months a couple of weeks after we got here. Sheesh! :)

5. To redesign LPNP

Lipstick Powder N Paint is going to be 7 this year! WOW. And she, like me, is looking a tad tired. Well, if all goes to plan, she’s getting a mini facelift this month. Or maybe it’s Botox? Not sure, but hopefully you’ll like her new look. (Here’s the new logo)

6. To write more

Due to the move, the stress, the no office situation, etc, I haven’t been giving YOU all the attention you deserve. I promise to give you lots of fun and informative posts in 2013, and to also give you more of an insite into my life too – fave products, stores, spas, etc.

Well there you have it!

What are your resolutions for this year?


What an inspiring resolutions you have here. By the way, the new logo matured a bit but pink always does make it look playful. Congratulations for the nearing 7th year of LPNP! Are you not offered to write on magazine’s beauty section? You’re just great at what you do. Good luck to you Lesley! 

Long Beach Groomer said on January 17, 2013 3:00 am

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