TIFF 2012: The Essentials Lounge

TIFF 2012: The Essentials Lounge

The lounge: The Essentials Lounge

The location: Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square

The invited: Print, TV and web media members

The low down: This oasis was conceived by Esther Garnick PR specifically to arm the media with the “Essentials” needed to survive, and recover, from an exhausting TIFF week. We were treated to spa services courtesy of Winks Eyelash Boutique & Spa (we got eye lash extensions – yippee!), makeup touch-ups by Benefit Cosmetics, have our hair styled by John Frieda consultant Alain Larivée, and nibble on tasty gluten-free prepared by Gourmet B1tches, while also hydrating with Glacéau vitaminwater and smartwater.

Benefit Cosmetics at The Essentials Lounge

The take away: An Essentials Lounge “Kit” featuring some TIFF-alicious products, including: sassy Calvin Klein undies, John Frieda hair essentials, beauty goodies from Benefit Cosmetics, Vitamints to help us build energy and boost our immune system, a Snazzy Napper for us to curl up under, prescribed a three-day personalized juice cleanse from the Raw Juice Guru, and so much more.

After visiting The Essentials Lounge we felt we could handle our grueling schedule, no problem!

images courtesy of: EGPR

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  1. Alexis  Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    I love your blog! Great posts!

  2. Skin Care Expert  Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Wow! That sounds like a treat! Would you consider it as one of the best lounges that you have visited so far?

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