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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Spring is coming people, and it’s time to shed those heavy winter coats, sweaters, and show a little skin! (The Hubster LOVES it when we get all girly and don our little skirts and show some leg. Just sayin’!)

And of course we want that soon-to-be-exposed skin to be touchably soft and silky. No snakeskin allowed.

We’ve found a super-easy way to get it: Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash ($4.99 – $6.99 MSRP).

First thing in the morning we jump into that shower, add a dollop of this rich and creamy body wash to our pouf (or you can use a washcloth), and work it into a lather while it gently cleanses our skin. It feels fabulous and smells clean and fresh – we’re not into those fruity scents so this is perfect for us.

Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash nourishes deep down with Nutrium Moisture®, a rich blend of 100 per cent naturally-sourced moisturizers that can be completely absorbed and replenish skin’s moisture barrier where it is needed most. Your skin is left feeling healthy, smooth, and nourished. And we love that a little product goes a long way, so you end up getting more for your money (and can perhaps use that savings on some new shoes?).

We are so ready for Spring. Bring it on!

Discover the beauty of Dove® hydrating nourishment for yourself. You’ll be happy you did.

Dove® Body Wash beautifully nourishes your skin.* Now let Dove® Body Wash treat you to the ultimate nourishing experience at the renowned Canyon Ranch® health resort and spa. Click here to join the contest now.
(*Nourishment: Hydrating Nourishment)

This Blog is proudly sponsored by Dove® Body Wash.

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