The Hunt For Beauty Buys

Monday, May 3, 2010


Shopping. We all do it. Men and women alike.

True, women spend a whack of cash on cosmetics. You can’t fault us for wanting to look beautiful. However, men drop coin on products to make themselves look and smell good too.

According to Health Canada, Canadians spend more than $5 billion a year on cosmetics – that includes everything from make-up to toothpaste and soap.

“Most of us need to purchase items from this category regularly for hygiene and convenience reasons,” says Debbie Frye, General Manager for “But, there are a lot of ways that each of us can save a few dollars here and there on those items that we do consider essentials.”

Most beauty products have high price tags, but you can learn how and where to cut back while still enjoying the benefits.

First, look for the sales. Flip through weekly flyers or check for deals at stores you purchase your cosmetics like The Bay, Sears, Shopper’s Drug Mart and Rexall Pharma Plus. Get on mailing lists and register for loyalty programs for discounts.

Stock up on your preferred products when they’re on sale. Or you can try a different brand when there’s a bargain – you may just fall in love with something new.

“Take expert advice. Magazines often have features comparing brands and uncovering the best kept secrets in beauty buys,” says Frye. “Bargain brands can be as good as pricey products, so give them a try.”

Instead of going to the spa, bring the spa home. Call a few friends over and ask them to bring the products they love best so everyone can share. Do manicures, pedicures and facials. Put out some healthy snacks and beverages, and make a day or evening of it.

We’ve all picked up beauty products we weren’t happy with, so if you have some barely used items cluttering your bathroom cabinets, plan a swap party with friends. Just make sure the products haven’t expired.

“With the volume of advertising being targeted at both women and men, it’s almost impossible not to be influenced in some way,” she says. “Be realistic about what works for you … prioritizing what products are important to you and how to shop around to get the lowest price will really pay off.”

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