Lise Watier Couleur FolleIf art was your favourite subject in school, we have a product that will totally satisfy your inner artist. Lise Watier Couleur Folle is loose powder eye shadow packed with shimmering pigments – ideal for a big night out that demands major impact. But what makes it so darn special is its ability to transform. While the powder is lovely worn on its own, once mixed with the Métamorfix liquid, it turns into a bold, long lasting eyeliner.

We’re crazy about the new shades, Folie Aqua and Folie Ciel, which, despite how bright they appear, look surprisingly pretty and soft when applied.

Lise Watier
Available at Sears in Canada and Naimes Beauty Centre in the U.S.

One Response to "Starry-eyed"

  1. Teri  Monday, October 13, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Oh – that aqua shade looks gorgeous! I think I will have to try one myself.

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