Feeling Balmy: MAC Cosmetics’ Tendertone Lipbalm

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Sometimes when picking a lip colour we’ll gravitate towards a sultry, siren red in a slick, creamy lipstick bullet. But, eventually we back down and default to some sort of sheer rosy gloss, for fear our lips will crack upon contact with the lipstick and that we’ll never be able to rock that shade of red in the first place.

We’ve found an interesting compromise in M.A.C’s Tendertone Lipbalm in Sweet & Nice. It looks surprisingly harmless and gloss-like in its teensy glass jar, but the sheer grapey-red looks so grown-up we can’t help but be reeled in. To date we’ve yet to have a complaint in the flaking department, it has SPF 12, and the wide range of colours all seem very flattering.

Looks like our standby lip balm will have to look for another home, because this one’s moving up the ranks.

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