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I wanted to introduce you to a new feature will are launching at Lipstick, Powder ‘n Paint – “Ask Ellen”. If you have a question about a product, want to know where to get something… anything, just email me and ask it!

Today’s question is from Tara in Edmonton, AB. “Where can I purchase the Lorac Mocktail that you mentioned in your February, Valentine Kisses article.”

Tara, Lorac Cosmetics can be found at Sephora stores all over North America, at,, and on the QVC website. Unfortunately there are not any beauty boutiques in your area that currently offer Lorac Cosmetics. The good news is that Sephora is opening in the West Edmonton Mall on June 22nd of this year. The Calgary Sephora is opening on July 6th. Hope this helps! Ellen, Inc.

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  1. Make-up Junkie in Canada  Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    That’s funny. The same girl emailed me the same question. lol

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