Saying Goodbye

Monday, July 1, 2013

Seven years ago I started Lipstick Powder N Paint, the very first beauty blog in Canada. It soon turned into the best full-time job a gal crazy about beauty could ever ask for. But, all good things must come to an end, and, it is with a sad heart that I tell you that I have decided to close Lipstick Powder N Paint.

Without your encouragement and support, Lipstick Powder N Paint would not have become one of the most popular beauty blogs in North America – thank you.

Through the site, I have had the opportunity to test the very best beauty products from around the globe, attend amazing press events, meet celebrities, travel, and my fave, create my own MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow. Will I miss all this excitement? Oh yeah! But, who knows what is around the corner.

I can promise you that this won’t be the last time you hear of Lesley Mirza. :)

Hugs to you all!

Going For Gold This Summer

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Everyone around me is wearing gold. And it’s funny, because for the longest time I hated gold-coloured items. I thought that they were old-fashioned. Aren’t I the fool?!

I have decided to jump on the gold wandwagon and get with it! And with summer peeking its head around the corner, teasing me with its warm rays, it’s the perfect time for me to add a little 24-karat sophistication to my outfits.

Four items that I can be found sporting this summer are:

Midas Touch
This sublime gold polish offers a chic and subtle accent to an outfit. Wearing this, I truly feel that everything I touch could turn to gold.

gold polish

Golden Eye
I’m not yet 100 percent comfortable with wearing a full-on gold eyeshadow, but, I have been lining my upper lashes with a creamy metallic pencil, then coating my lashes in the blackest of black mascara. The gold colour really makes my blues eyes pop.

golden eye

Gold Rush
I absolutely adore this cuff. I’m kinda over the “arm party,” so this statement piece is an ideal way to take a break from accessory overload.

gold cuff

Bag Bling
My current go-to purse uses gorgeous gold as an accent. Brown handbags can risk looking a little drab, expecically in the summer, but not this one!

gold handbag

Will you be wearing gold this summer?

Magnum Gold?! is rich vanilla bean ice cream with a sea salt caramel swirl, dipped in a golden coating made with thick Belgian Chocolate. New Magnum Gold?! As good as Gold.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Magnum Ice Cream via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Magnum Ice Cream.


Get The Look: Amy Adams’s Retro Waves at the Man of Steel Premiere in New York

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amy Adams's Hair at the Man of Steel Premiere in New York

Who is looking forward to seeing the movie, Man of Steel? The Hubster is DYING to and mentions it everytime a commerical is shown on the TV. Guys are so funny. I’ll see it…’cause Henry Cavill is a hottie!

The movie premiere was held in New York last night and Amy Adams looked stunning. Wearing a dramatic black, strapless Nina Ricci gown, her amazing 20’s–inspired hair look, designed by celebrity stylist Laini Reeves for Moroccanoil, turned heads.

“I was completely inspired by the intricacy and femininity of Amy’s spectacular gown,” explained Laini Reeves. “This hair look is very sensual and alluring, reminiscent of the classic screen sirens of the 1920’s – but with a sleeker, modern, creative take.”


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Curly vs. Straight Hair: Which Do You Prefer?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Curly vs. Straight Hair Debate

I am always in a hair dilemma: should I fight my curls and go for the glossy straight ‘do, or should I embrace what my Mamma gave me and love my curls? It’s a toughie.

Well, I’ve just found out that I should be going curly! According to a 2013 “Curly Girl” survey, commissioned by L’Oreal Paris and conducted online by Harris Interactive among over 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, 74 percent of women with wavy/curly hair say their curls get compliments. It does not stop there – here are the “straight up” results of why women (and men) say curls rule:

Team Curl
• Curls Have More Fun – Nearly 50 percent of men and more than 50 per cent of women perceive curly-haired girls as fun
• Morning Call – Nearly 80 percent of women would wake up with wavy/curly hair if they could choose their natural hairstyle; only 16 percent would go straight
• Stand Out – More than 3 in 10 women with wavy/curly hair (31 percent) say their curls make them feel unique
• Leave it Alone – 47 percent of women with wavy/curly hair wear their curls “au natural” every day; only 15 percent say they style it straight most of the time

Curly Cues
• Men Take Notice – More than 3 in 10 men (37 percent) see curly-haired women as adventurous and more than 4 in 10 men (42 percent) see them as sexy
• Let Loose – 43 percent of women with wavy/curly hair feel free when rocking their wavy/curly hair, while 25 percent feel girly and 22 percent feel young
• Women Want Waves – 54 percent of women reach for the curling iron when they want to get glam

I can’t say that men are falling at my feet to tell me how much they love my curls and how sexy I am(and the Hubster is happy about that), and I am not sure that I am “having more fun” – I feel that I am cursing frizz a lot of the time – but life is easier when I’m not trying to straighten my hair every single day, only to have it curl back up.

What do you prefer the look of, curly or straight hair?

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